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Event Guidelines
& Facilitator Agreement

We are so excited that you are applying to host your event at Stone Cabin Creek.

Stone Cabin Creek is a venue that houses the not-for-profit Faith Based Organization, Sacred Roots Spiritual Community.

The Steps

Step Three

Receive invoice via email with payment & scheduling instructions.

Step Two

Read, fill out, and sign Event Guidelines and Facilitator Agreement (this page!).

Step Four

Receive reservation confirmation & prompting to send out participant waivers



All of the events that are hosted at Stone Cabin Creek must meet the following standards:

• The event content and purpose must be in alignment with our “Root Beliefs” which are posted on our website. 

• Facilitators will abide by, and enforce with their attendees, the Sacred Roots Spiritual Community Code of Conduct Guidelines posted on our website.

• Facilitators will be responsible to make sure that all Sacred Roots’ liability waivers and codes of conduct agreements are signed by each participant before the event begins. This is regardless of whether the host has their own liability waivers.

Marketing Protocols
  • If you are doing your own FB event and other social media promotions, please make Bodhi Deva Ma a co-host and tag her in each post.

  • Please post to the Sacred Roots Spiritual Community group on Facebook.

  • All facilitators are invited to submit an article to the monthly newsletter to give more insight and generate more interest in their event - submit to and you can sign up for the newsletter.

  • Please “Like” and “Subscribe” to all Sacred Roots Spiritual Community social media outlets and share these with all of your followers and tag us in all of your event promotions on IG, FB, You Tube, TikTok.



Base Cost

Event Prices

This is for facilitators who simply want to utilize the space with minimal staff support. 

Each event price includes a non-refundable minimum cost to secure the space.  The final cost is 30% of the event income at full price per participant and the deposit (which is also listed as the “minimum”) will be subtracted from that amount.  The final price will be at least the minimum (deposit) or 30% of total full price revenue, whichever is greater.

Facilitators will have two business days to pay the final total after the event.  A credit card will be secured at the time of deposit and will be automatically charged three days after the event if the payment has not been fulfilled at that time.

$300.00 minimum at 30%  for day retreats/classes/workshops that are 5 or more hours

$150 minimum at 30% for classes, workshops or use of space 2-4 hours

$50 minimum at 30% for 1-2 hour events

This option includes:

• Free coffee, tea, water and paper products for participants

• Clean and orderly indoor and outdoor space for the event

• Use of mats, bolsters, blankets

• Event materials created by facilitator are posted on SRSC website, FB group, monthly newsletter and other social media

** Facilitator is responsible for clean up after event as posted on cleaning list. It will be a $130 charge for deep cleaning and laundry after an overnight event. For events that are not overnight, the facilitator will clean as contracted in the clean up list - if this is not fulfilled, a $130 cleaning fee will be added to the credit card on file.​

A La Carte Options

This is for facilitators who want to add to their experience.


Event Registration and ticketing through our website: $100 admin fee

Event registration link will be made from the website and we will take the payment through the website, including designing graphics and creating/handling ticketing links and monies.  After the event, we will give you monies due within 5 business days, typically we can get to it right after the event. We will handle all sales, refunds, changes to the event, field questions etc. We will give facilitators the event link so that you can add content and promote through your marketing channels, etc.

Firewood and a sacred fire pit: $15 per fire

Please make sure to note that you want a fire when you send in the event information so that we are sure to have dry wood available and our staff will build the fire.  Note that the fire pit is set up in a sacred way and that nothing other than wood or paper should be put in the fire. Sacred Fire setup and firewood available for $15 per fire. Fires are ONLY to be set by our staff to protect the property. No fires are to be set anywhere except in the sacred fire circle or metal fire put on the mountain stone patio. Indoor fires in the fireplace must be approved by staff.

Wellness Services: $150 per hour

We have several experienced and certified wellness practitioners in our network who can offer services for your retreat.  The following are examples of services that you might want to offer your participants:

  • Massage

  • Reflexology

  • Emotion Code

  • Reiki

  • Shamanic Healing

  • Intuitive and Tarot Readings

  • Breathwork

  • Yoga


Ceremonial and Ritual Services: $100 per service

  • Cacao Ceremony (includes high quality Ceremonial Grade Cacao)

  • Earth Based Spirituality Rituals

  • Personal Development / Spiritual Group Activities with Bodhi

 **These could include customized arts and crafts, Guided Meditation/Visualization, Stress Management and Therapy based classes, Nature Experiences, etc.

Facilitators can request these services in the application and they are subject to providers availability. 

Cleaning fee: $130

This covers professional cleaning after your event plus laundry service fee.  If the facilitators prefer to clean the property after the event, they can sign a separate agreement that includes a checklist of what is to be done as well as the proper cleaning supplies to use.  If our staff does not agree that the cleaning has been done to the agreed level, the $130 charge will be applied to the credit card on file.

Event Food

All Sacred Roots Spiritual Community sponsored events are potluck, which encourages community engagement. If you would prefer for your event to be catered, we can also refer you to a local retreat caterer that we work with often if you would like to organize this yourself.

*** The retreat center is in nature and food products DO encourage bugs and rodents.  All retreat facilitators will be expected to maintain cleanliness and food is only allowed in the kitchen and living room area of the center. All food served outdoors must be covered and retreat facilitators will hold the liability for any food related issues such as allergies, choking, spoiled food, food borne illness, etc. for each of their participants.  The event venue and Sacred Roots organizations are not liable for any food related activities. Please do not leave food open or out unless it is being used at any time to reduce the possibility of bugs or rodents finding it. 


Work Trade

Facilitators are allowed to accept partial payment for participants on a sliding scale at their discretion.  The percentage due to the venue will be based on the amount of the full price ticket per participant.

We offer work trade opportunities at the venue for participants who need an alternative energy exchange.  This often looks like having the person come early for preparation or cleaning, having them be in charge of food prep and clean up for the event or staying after for clean-up.  You can also have people offer a set amount of promotional activity through social media for the event, help make workbooks, go get supplies for the event, etc.


We value the work exchange for Sacred Roots Spiritual Community at:

Facilitators who choose to do energy exchange are encouraged to use similar values in order for participants to have a baseline trade value at any event at the venue regardless of who is hosting it. This is to help facilitators have a standardized method for trade. 

$25 per hour for yard or house maintenance duties

$25 for food prep and clean up per meal

$75 - $100 for building project support activities per project

$50 for grocery shopping and supplies pick up for an event

$25 per 25 scheduled social media promotional posts over one week

$50 to create 5 event promotional materials for digital posting

$50 to do website/media projects per project

$50 to produce monthly newsletter

$25 per office/administrative work project

We encourage facilitators to require an energy exchange for their services instead of giving things for “free”.  The participant gets much more out of the experience when they also have invested something equally.  Having unequal energy exchange also supports the participant in maintaining a lack mentality or a sense of obligation.

Facilitator Application & Agreement

How long of an event are you planning?
What "A La Carte" options are you interested in?
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