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House Cleanup Checklist

  1. Pick up trash throughout facility on the inside and outside and put in the outside trash receptacle.    

  2. Take trash out from every room and place it in the outside receptacle.

  3. Remove sheets and pillowcases from every bed and put them in the downstairs bathtub if beds are used. 

  4. Place all used towels, hand towels and wash rags in the downstairs bathtub.

  5. Kitchen, clean counters and sink.

  6. Wash and dry all dishes, pots and pans used and place back in cabinets and shelves.

  7. Clean out refrigerator.

  8. Do walk through to find any forgotten items such as chargers, phones, etc.

  9. Check-out at assigned time.

  10. Lock and secure all exterior doors before leaving the facility.          

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