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Volunteer Application

We appreciate your interest in serving as a Volunteer of our spiritual community.  We need Team Leader Volunteers, Co-Team Leader Volunteers, and other volunteers who would like to be a part of this magical space if healing and restoration. 


Whatever your interest or skills, we have many ways to take part in a volunteer position.

The Steps

Step One

Fill out the Volunteer Application Release of Liability-Volunteer (Below)

Step Two

You will receive a confirmation email to confirm we received the information.

*We will reach out to you, at our earliest convenience to coordinate further details.

Volunteers will be required to attend an initial Volunteer Training Orientation to meet management, understand the rules and regulations of the retreat, and be assigned to a Team Leader category for volunteering.

Volunteer Application & Agreement

Volunteer Work You Would Like to Participate In: Please check all boxes that interest you.

I woud like to support SRSC...
Please send me an email announcement for monthly workdays...
Education & Teachers
Volunteers & Leaders

Thanks for applying!

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