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Stone Cabin Creek

Spirtual Inner Journey

Types of events offered:

  • Ketamine Assisted Inner Journeys

  • Plant Assisted Inner Work through Cacao Ceremony & Hape Ceremony

  • Men's and Women's Monthly Spiritual Circles

  • Equinox/Solstice and Full Moon ceremonies

  • Monthly Workshops and Retreats with Guest Facilitators from around the world.

Interested in Facilitating at Stone Cabin Creek?

Sacred Roots Spiritual Community

We support the community by offering a venue to explore teachings and sharing knowledge & experience in a safe, welcoming environment.

Sacred Roots Spiritual Community is a not-for-profit community education and support center.


All funds & donations are utilized to build the community and supply events.

Facilitators donate 30% of profits from events to support the community depending on the level of administrative support needed for the event.

Dedication of Merit Prayer

After every practice that we engage in at Sacred Roots Spiritual Community, we offer this prayer - called the "dedication of merit".  The intention is to dedicate any positive energy generated by the practice to all beings, so that everyhing we do can benefit all.

We dedicate the benefits of this practice to the benefit of all beings everywhere-
May all beings be happy
May we be peaceful
May we be liberated from suffering
May we be filled with and share generously in loving kindness, appreciation and
mutual respect.
And so it is - 

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