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Meet Bodhi | Psychedelic Therapy & Coaching

Bodhi Deva Ma

Hi, I'm Bodhi Deva Ma.

My journey in my own spiritual evolution and growth has allowed me to approach my counseling and therapy practice in a whole new light.


With my patients, I take a whole-body, mind and spirit approach to pain and trauma. We take inventory of your whole well-being and address the areas that need attention, care and nourishment.


I am unique in that my Bachelor’s degree is in philosophy and spirituality and my Master's degree is in Counseling in Energy Psychology and Stress Management.


We can go into deeper conversations and look at your personal story from a wider perspective. I am a well-known spiritual teacher in the Charlotte, NC area and can help guide you in your spiritual development alongside cutting-edge mental health therapy.

Sacred Roots Integrated Therapies, PLLC

My approach to therapy.

I am a fully licensed professional therapist and specialize in holistic tools that work to resolve emotional pain and reprogram limiting beliefs.  I am completing my training as a Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapist and will be offering sessions with Ketamine by Summer 2023.  I also offer Psychedelic Integration services for those who have had personal medicine experiences and need support in processing their experiences.


My Master’s degree is in Counseling specializing in Energy Psychology & Stress Management from the University of Tennessee. I am highly trained with non-traditional tools such as Mindfulness, EMDR, EFT tapping, yoga, and breathwork.

What you can expect from our first session.

Are you ready for lasting change? Are you waking up to the fact that there is MORE to life? If you are TIRED of talking about your problems and want to learn skills that empower you to make fast, effective and lasting change in your life, call me for a free consultation.


You will learn empowering, evidence-based mind-body techniques that make changes to your nervous system and subtle energies which cause lasting behavior and emotional changes. Take charge of your life, the time is now!

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