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Find and Expand Your Authentic Self through Spirit & Nature in Heart Centered Community with

SACRED ROOTS Spiritual Community

Sacred Roots Spiritual Community is a not for profit Faith Based Organization in Charlotte, NC

“Being spiritual has nothing to do with what you believe and everything to do with your state of consciousness.”

- Eckhart Tolle

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Have you experienced a major shift in your life lately?

Are you experiencing a spiritual or personal awakening and searching for answers?

Are you looking for authentic connections with other open-minded individuals?


At Sacred Roots we provide a safe space to explore these questions and connect with your authentic self. We WELCOME ALL with love and light in their heart.
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The lotus flower is highly regarded in many cultures. With its roots latched deep within the river mud, each day the lotus flower emerges from the river’s depths and blooms. Because of this, the lotus flower has become a symbol of rebirth and transcendence, as it rises from the darkness and into the light. Our goal at Sacred Roots is to create a solid foundation for members to grow and thrive spiritually.



  • Just like the lotus flower, our roots are within nature. Sacred Roots offers ceremonies and retreats with various plant spirits to help us reconnect with Mother Nature. This connection helps ground and support us in our spiritual journey. 



  • Our facilitators use therapeutic techniques like cognitive restructuring to help individuals identify and release networked trauma responses. This process helps shed limiting beliefs and promote positive thought processes at both the individual and community level. 


  • Sacred Roots has an assortment of events that optimize the energetic flow within the body such as sound baths, yoga classes, and meditation sessions. Our members also have access to practitioners proficient in various types of energy clearing. 


  • Our organization offers numerous opportunities for members to connect with other like-minded individuals.  We aim to promote authentic relationships, friendships, and peer support groups. 



  • All of these foundations come together to support each individual’s spiritual journey to enlightenment. We invite you to explore a variety of spiritual frameworks - including ancient and modern - to help you connect to your unique spiritual path. 

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Our purpose is to build a strong community of people who value interpersonal connection, service, authenticity, and joy. Our not-for-profit faith-based organization embraces all spiritual frameworks that are consensual, kind, and compassionate.  Sacred Roots is a safe space to explore life’s deeper questions and reconnect with your authentic self.  

We are an inclusive community of seekers from many different cultures and backgrounds. You can trust that your unique perspective will be heard, honored, and respected. We recognize that there are many different paths to travel to enlightenment - Sacred Roots can support you in finding the pathway that is right for you. 

Our mission is to empower individuals to use their own internal compass to find a sense of meaning and purpose.  We also strive to expand awareness around safe effective psychedelic use and integrations as a modality for expansion, healing and wellness. 

Most importantly, we aim to create a community with a strong sense of belonging, acceptance, and unity for all members. Recognizing that we are all connected, all human, all learning, and all struggling, is the first step to healing the collective. 


Our beautiful sanctuary at Stone Cabin Creek is where we hold our community events, retreats, classes & workshops for anyone looking for ways to connect more deeply within...together. This land offers an incredible opportunity to heal in Nature right in the middle of Charlotte, NC.


The following are just a handful of types of offerings at our Community Education Venue:

  • Individual Spiritual Coaching, Counseling, Mind/Body sessions such as Reflexology, Massage, Energy Healing

  • Legal Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy education groups and sessions

  • Men's and Women's Monthly Support Circles

  • Monthly Workshops and Retreats with Guest Facilitators from around the world.

  • Personalized half and full-day private retreats in nature with optional services to support your healing process

Spiritual Community at The Center At Stone Cabin Creek


Clinical Therapy & Healing Services


The Sacred Roots approach to coaching focuses on helping clients determine and fulfill their own personal development goals through empowerment and supportive mentorship. You are the architect of your life and this form of coaching will help guide you in creating your unique blueprint.

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Sacred Roots Spiritual Community is building a team of trained peer counselors to help support members during their spiritual journey.  Peer sessions are by love donation only and offer support to anyone moving through their awakening and in need of support. 

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Psychedelic Assisted Psychotherapy involves the legal use of Ketamine to aid the therapeutic process. Psychedelic substances have been used in holistic therapy and for spiritual practices by various cultures for thousands of years.  We plan to have Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy services available in the Fall of 2023.

Psychedelic therapy offers a great deal of promise in the treatment of a wide variety of mental health conditions including addiction, depression, anxiety, and PTSD.  Bodhi offers Psychedelic Integration services for those who have had previous sessions personally and need support in integrating the experience.

We also offer confidential Psychedelic education and preparation services to help support those who work with these compounds in their private life.

Community Support


Our community gathering space at the Center at Stone Cabin Creek is where we hold our community events, classes & workshops for anyone looking for ways to connect more deeply within, together.

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The Sacred Roots community offers monthly events from highly trained practitioners to support you in your awakening journey. From movement, to medicine events, women and men circles, there is something for everyone, wherever they are on their journey.

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Our community is growing more than ever due to a need for connection, collaboration and celebration of each's others gift and beauty. We'd love to have you be a part of this community to share and connect in whichever way feels right to you.

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