Halloween as a Spiritual Practice

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday. People give you free candy, you get to dress up and no one expects you to cook a big meal. It’s great!

All of that aside, Halloween is a celebration of the spirit world. It is a time when ancient cultures would honor the spirit of the dead & the veils would thin between that world and the world of everyday life.

They would take this time to look courageously into the shadows and instead of fearing the ghosts, they would invite them into their homes as guests and offer them treats to encourage the spirits to support them instead of wreaking havoc.

Halloween can have a deeper meaning for us as well. It can be a time to honor those parts of ourselves that have lived in the shadows.

As we traverse the spiritual journey, we begin to gain awareness of the shadow side of ourselves. We look into the darkness of our own psyche and see the hurt and battered parts that can act out and wreak havoc in our lives when we are not paying attention.

As we begin to heal, we can invite those parts to come back home, back to the light of our consciousness, so they don’t have to live in the shadows anymore. We can give those hurt parts the love and the kindness that they deserve. We honor their place in our lives and give them a seat at the table of our consciousness to offer us insight and guidance as we co-create a life full of joy and presence.

This Halloween, take the time to look at the ghosts & skeletons of your past and instead of approaching them with fear, invite them in and give them the love and acceptance that they have been longing for. When your shadow becomes your ally, everyone wins.

#halloween #shadowwork

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