Its funny how we can feel change coming, It is like something bigger than us that loves us wants to give us a little warning, a little warm up to set our minds in the right space to receive it. Like that unseasonably cool day we had a few days skin could feel Autumn creeping in. Just a touch, to say..."I'm coming, get ready." I've noticed lately that if I pay attention to the little signs, to the feelings that only happen in the Now, life is always preparing me for the change that is coming.

Even so, when the change occurs, my small Self almost always puts up resistance. "No," it says. "I wasn't ready!" It clings to the idea of what was and often takes its sweet time relaxing its death grip before it finally opens up and accepts what is. In my mind, I am aware that change is the only constant in this world, and yet, when it comes, it feels like an unexpected guest.

This Fall, my practice is to meet change like a long awaited visitor. When it comes, I can meet it at the door with a warm smile and a hug and say, "I've been expecting you!"

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