Spiritual Practice: Personal Inquiry

Personal Inquiry is key to deepening your intimacy with Self.

Asking yourself questions and listening in present moment awareness for the answer is an invaluable tool for deepening your understanding of yourself. This allows for the experience of moving and staying inwardly focused while developing a sense of the self as the watcher of the experiences that manifest in and around you.

The most potent question that we can ask ourselves is some version of “Who or What Am I?” or “Who is the ME that is experiencing this?” These types of questions help us lean into the fact of a non-static existence, helping rid us of the tethers of attachment to a specific belief about ourselves or our reality. This loosens the binding effects of the ego which asserts that “I” exist and can control or be controlled by the manifestations of mind that appear before me.

This process of simple questioning allows us to fully experience the joy of being “no-thing” and therefore approaching EVERY experience with a sense of novelty and curiosity. This practice leads us to develop a sense of internal security which is rooted in awareness rather than doing, being or producing anything. This gives one a TRUE sense of security that is indestructible regardless of the manifestations of mind and emotion.

Developing a ritual in which you incorporate Personal Inquiry practice can not only enhance your understanding of self, but also helps to prepare you for working with others in a greater capacity. The more that we know, understand & integrate the Self, the more space and compassion that we have for others in our healing work.

Many people utilize journaling to document inquiry. The key here is to free your consciousness to write freely without editing or judging what is flowing forth. Spelling, grammar and "sounding good" do not matter here. This is an excursion in plumbing the depths of your awareness and communicating honestly with your own Higher Self. This is for no one but you. My suggestion is to find a time when it is quiet and you will have no distractions. Keep a special journal that is just for this purpose. In my experience, taking a ceremonial done of Cacao then sitting in meditation for a few minutes before beginning makes a perfect way to deepen this important line of communication with You!

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