Mission Statement:

Our purpose is to build a strong community of people who value interpersonal connection, service, authenticity, and joy.  Our membership respects and holds sacred the elements of nature, all living beings and interpersonal relationships.


Sacred Roots Spiritual Community is a safe container for the community to access tools both ancient and modern which help people connect to their Spirit through developing a relationship with nature and the higher power of the understanding of each individual.




Root Beliefs:

  • We believe that each person is a sovereign being who deserves love, compassion and inclusion regardless of their framework of understanding life.  


  • We believe that each person is manifest from Spirit and has an aspect of the higher power animating and informing them at all times.  


  • We believe that each human being has access to this power within and that each person’s path to understanding this power is different and very personal to them.  This process is between that higher power and the individual and we will support them in making autonomous and genuine personal connection with that power. 

  • We believe that each person must go within themselves to access this power and relate to it in a meaningful way.  Our community offers tools to help people learn to go within and recognizes that there are many ways both ancient and modern that help people realign with this power. 

  • We believe that when a person connects with their own body / the natural world, and looks within to access the higher power of their understanding, they naturally heal and become awakened to the Truth of Who They Are.  Every person, regardless of age or history has this birthright.

  • We believe that every human being craves a sense of belonging and looks to community to nourish their spirit.  

  • We believe that every person deserves a safe place to explore their connection to nature and the higher power of their understanding.  

  • We believe that a feeling of joy and peace are the natural states of being that arise when this connection is sought and experienced

  • We believe that humanity and the earth are undergoing an evolution or shift in consciousness that is awakening us to these truths regardless of culture 

  • We believe that nature has offered us the opportunity for healing and expansion through our relationship to plants.  We believe that plants are sacred beings with their own Spirit and consciousness and relate directly to human beings, offering experiences that help us to connect more fully to Spirit when we eat, drink or otherwise relate to them. We offer plant based products (such as Cacao and herbal teas) as a sacrament in our services and programming.

  • We are not against any religion, creed or belief system.  We are creating a space for people who would like an alternative to the current systems and want to be a part of uplifting community in a celebratory way.

  • We believe that a strong community is built on authenticity, non-violent communication, mutual respect and mutual trust

  • We believe that strong community organization is built on transparency in organizational activities including but not limited to leadership decisions, board activity and use of donated funds