Ongoing Events at the sacred Roots community space

Weekly Spiritual Family Potluck

Sunday nights - 5pm - 6pm vegetarian potluck   

6pm-7pm community learning/sharing circle

Connect and Create: Community Art Making

Each month we offer the opportunity to socialize, share Cacao and create art together.  Next month we will paint with acrylics on canvas. Suggested Love Donation $15

A New Mind: Mindfulness & Energy Healing  for Recovery


Sacred Roots Plant Assisted Inner Journeys


Solstice, Equinox & Full Moon Ceremonies

Alchemical Equinox: The Skeleton Dance & Cacao Ceremony - March 19, 2020  6:30 - 9pm

Release - Reset - Renew

Spring Equinox Ceremony with the Cacao Spirit, Shamanic dance and Transformational Sound

Join Ceremonialist and healer Bodhi Deva Ma and Shamanic Sound Healer Ioana for a deeply transformational journey on Spring Equinox 2020...

The equinox marks the threshold from Winter to Spring, and we can use it symbolically as the ZERO point, where darkness and light are equal. It is the point of fusion, where the two forces annihilate each other or become ONE.
There are 2 essential opposite pairs here that happen at the same time: Separation and Unity, and Nothing and Everything.
Being in the Zero point is the ultimate state of awareness, where polarities subside, and we can see clearly everything without being pulled in any direction.
It is the space of Unity, which we can only be when we accept our individuation, the paradox of the void, completely empty and on the same time containing all possibilities. The space of nothingness, in which one is only pure consciousness ready to be born into being.

The skeleton dance ceremony opens us the direction of the East, of a new beginning. It is done with the intention of releasing old, dysfunctional patterns from our bones, transcending the space of void, and bringing in new light, with new possibilities and renewed intentions, sourced from the Divine.

There are 7 parts of our ceremonial event:

1. Enter ceremony with Cacao Spirit.

2. Connect with the energy of the old, limiting patterns (on shamanic drum and song, awakening body and emotional awareness).

3. Move: Skeleton Dance - sustained by rhythm sticks - move all bones to stimulate the deep held energetic patterns, free them from the bones, allow them to surface.

4. Sublimation: on song and language of light - enter stillness, notice the movement of energy through the body, the release, the expansion, the new empty space created, be the void.

5. Renew - with high frequency sounds of crystal harp and bowls: open and invite in new energy, pure Light from Source, allowing new possibilities to come in.

6. Harmonize: with the 4 tones of enlightenment (from Qigong system) to facilitate the harmonization of the new energetic dynamic.

7. Rest - with soothing sounds - allows the beginning of the integration of the new energy; experiencing bliss.

There are only 12 spaces available for this incredible journey with Ioana and Bodhi.

$50 for the 2.5 hour journey if you register before March 15, $55 after March 15

Pre registration is required - PM Bodhi Deva Ma to register

Women's & Men's Circle