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Holistic Counseling & Spiritual Coaching

Emotional healing is not something that can always be done just on the level of talking through a problem. 

Emotional disturbances can occur due to physical, mental and spiritual imbalances, and Bodhi is trained to help clients to resolve emotional problems on each of these levels.


Physical - brain and body

Mental - thoughts and mindful awareness

Spiritual - connection to something bigger than yourself

Emotions are energy in motion in the mind/body.  This energy can be expressed through thoughts, words, sounds, physical sensation and more. 


Sometimes talking through a problem will resolve the imbalance, but often talking is not enough.  The whole being must be addressed.

Bodhi is traditionally trained in Western counseling techniques, has been trained in Eastern techniques working with the body's subtle energies and has trained with North and South American shaman in indigenous techniques to work with the world of Spirit. 


Her approach is truly holistic.

What is the difference between Holistic Clinical Therapy and Spiritual Coaching?

Bodhi received her Master's degree in Mental Health and Community Counseling from Marshall University in 2010.  There, she specialized in Stress Management and Energy Psychology in her coursework.

She is also a certified yoga and meditation instructor and has been teaching both since 2007.  She received her 200 hr YT certification in Peru through the School Yoga Institute as a "Mystical Yoga" teacher.

Therapy requires that the client have a diagnosable mental health condition as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM).  Therapy is covered by most insurance companies and therapists must abide by the rules of their state licensing board and the American Counseling Association codes of practice and ethics.  Therapy practices are determined by stringent guidelines and must be "evidence-based" as determined by licensing regulations and insurance company standards.  Therapy is often limiting in the holistic field in that many practices that are proven, like hypnotherapy, prayer, ritual/ceremony and energy work, are not covered by insurance companies.  As well, licensed therapists can only see clients who live in their state of licensure. Right now, therapy can be done through telehealth and most insurance companies offer unlimited sessions due to COVID concerns.  We do not see this changing soon, but previous to COVID, therapy was only covered for a set amount of sessions based on the diagnosis and prognosis of the client.  Therapy clients and therapists are not allowed to develop relationships outside of the therapy role and this can be limiting to community-based social engagement including social media.

Spiritual Coaching does not require that a client have a diagnosable mental health condition and is open to all people who want to optimize their lives utilizing spiritual concepts as their framework of understanding. 

Coaching is focused on helping the client determine and fulfill their own personal development goals in a supportive role.  Coaching practices are unlimited in their scope and can include any holistic technique that that coach is trained in.  Coaching clients can live anywhere in the world and work with their coach via telehealth. Coaching clients can take part in community events and socialize with their coach on a more personal level.  

Why would I need therapy instead of coaching?

  • If you have a diagnosable mental health disorder as defined by the DSM.

  • If you have physical, mental or emotional trauma that is causing dysfunction in your daily life.

Sometimes emotional difficulties are due to trauma that can go back to as early as conception, or even past lives.  These blocks and imbalances can not often be resolved simply through discussion or retraining thought patterns. 


Bodhi is trained to administer Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprogramming (EMDR), which is accepted by the World Health Organization and the American Psychological Association as an evidence-based approach to relieving the effects of trauma and disturbing past experiences.

In therapy, these are some of the practices that you may experience:


  • Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques

  • Shadow, Inner Child or "Parts" integration techniques

  • Breathwork (pranayama)

  • Meditation & Mindful Awareness practices 

  • Biofeedback with Muse headband

  • Meridian stimulation (Emotional Freedom Technique, Tappas Acupressure Technique, meridian tracing)

  • Guided visualization

  • Deep Alpha/Theta relaxation and reprogramming

Bodhi is a licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (licensed as Jennifer R Holley MA, LCMHC ) in the state of North Carolina

What might I experience as a Coaching client?

  • Guidance and resources for identifying your personal connection to your own Higher Power

  • Receive support in overcoming religious indoctrination that may be limiting your trust and understanding of Spirit

  • Learn skills and techniques for regulating the nervous system, reprogramming limiting thought patterns and changing unwanted behaviors

  • Learn Energy Medicine techniques for identifying and changing limiting beliefs

  • Identify and live into the meaning and Purpose of your life

  • Receive support and resources for moving through a Spiritual Awakening or Ascension process

  • Learn and implement Mind/Body/Spirit techniques for developing a personal spiritual and personal development practice

  • Gain education and support in developing healthy communication and relationship skills

  • Learn about many varieties of spiritual frameworks from different cultures

  • Learn to utilize rituals and spiritual techniques from a variety of cultures and spiritual traditions to reach your personal goals

  • Special rates for retreats, ceremonies and classes facilitated by Bodhi

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