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Fri, Oct 14


8109 Cedarbrook Dr

Shamanic Vision Dance & Sound Journey w Ewanna

A deep dive into the inner world with sound and movement

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Shamanic Vision Dance & Sound Journey w Ewanna
Shamanic Vision Dance & Sound Journey w Ewanna

Time & Location

Oct 14, 2022, 6:30 PM

8109 Cedarbrook Dr, 8109 Cedarbrook Dr, Charlotte, NC 28215, USA


About the event

Vision Dance 7-8:30pm

Please eat a light dinner before you arrive

We will offer Cacao Medicine at 6:30pm to enhance the experience.

$40 may be paid the day of the event cash or Venmo/Cash App/Zelle/PayPal

A Vision Dance is a Soul Quest facilitated through rhythmic, organic movements, powered by shamanic drums and trance inducing beats and sounds, conducive to states of altered reality. The high rhythms will naturally wind down and turns into a shamanic sound journey, inducing a deeper state of meditation, with the participants entering stillness and continuing their vision journey until silence comes in and they are called back.


The journey begins inside the body, by going inwardly, and notout of the body. The portal into the mystic lies within our own expanded consciousness.

By stepping into the portal, the journeyer is transported beyond the limits of the physical reality, into the Spirit Realm, where answers can be found, insights can be gained, guidance can be given. Each journey depends on personal intentions and needs, conscious and subconscious; the form, shape, and population of the realms, as well as the material unfolding (information, interaction, guidance, healing etc) are presented in ways that the seeker understands the best.


As one moves on trance and shamanic beats, part of theindividual identity dissolves, and they go beyond their limited experience of OneSelf, into a wider and vaster universe. Onemay embark on a mystical journey, shape-shift, encounter spirit animals, Beings of Shadow and Light, meet mythological creatures, release what needs to go, or attend to the inner garden... Each journey is unique, a complex and deeply transformative experience that brings one closer to their Divine Essence and Light.


What to expect:We gather in ceremony to create a sacred and safe space and call in Spirit. We start with a two - beat chest tapping to connect with our hearts and each other and to build up the collective energy.The drums gradually bring in trance rhythms, which take you into a high theta meditative state, a space of relaxed mind and inner free flow, where imagination and creativity thrive, insights happen, and solutions to what seems to be unsolvable arise.Rhythmic, organic movement flows.After about 20 min, the drums switch to shamanic beats, to bring you into a low theta state of consciousness, a much deeper space of meditation in which you are free to travel into the mystic while still maintaining a clear connection with your body. Most will naturally lie down at this point, allowing the journey to unfold and do its magic. The shamanic drum, didgeridoos and rattles progressively yield to warmer instruments like crystalharp and bowls, ocean drum, handpan, and voice, to wash away what has been released, creating a safe and nurturing space to contain you. Slowly, the sound turns into silence, on which you are invited to rest until you are being called back.


Ewanna uses the power of her voice and various percussion and vibrational instruments as healing tools for the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. She channels ancestral frequencies and cosmic beings through chanting, Language of Light, and the sound of universal love. The frequencies of her voice pierce the veil through multiple dimensions, acting as a catalyst within the subconscious mind, facilitating dream-like states, carrying many participants through shamanic journeys. These journeys are opportunities for healing, ways to access deeply buried aspects or parts of oneself, offering an out of ordinary space for exploration, self-discovery, understanding, reconnection, reconciliation, and integration of lost parts of the Soul, exiles, or shadow aspects. A shamanic sound journey with Ewanna opens portals and doors into different realms, where transmutation, transformation, and deep healing can happen. Ewanna creates a safe space, guarded by many Spirit Beings of Ancestral and Cosmic origin, and each journey ends with unconditional love poured down by the Primordial Mother of Light.


About the facilitator:

Ewanna, LMSW, is an Awakened Shaman, Empath, Mind-Body Therapy provider, Sound and Light Alchemist, Healer, and Visionary. She has been described as a "living Ayahuasca," traveling through multiple dimensions to facilitate deep Soul healing as guided by Spirit. She has a complex understanding of the interconnectedness between science and Spirit, coming from her background in allopathic medicine, psychology, and social work, redefined and enriched through studies in alternative medicine -Energy Healing, Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditative Arts. Her wisdom combines knowledge from her studies, direct human and spiritual experience, many lifetime remembrances, and reactivated gifts and abilities through her Shamanic and Kundalini awakening.



NOTE: please, wear loose, comfortable clothes, to allow the energy to move freely through the body.Bring a refillable water bottle. We do NOT provide disposable plastic water bottles, in an effort to minimize our imprint on Earth.

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