Sat, Apr 23



Community Alignment & Ascension Support Event

Ready to level up body, mind and spirit? Join Michael, Ewanna & Robert to support your elevation on every level.

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Community Alignment & Ascension Support Event

Time & Location

Apr 23, 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Charlotte, 8109 Cedarbrook Dr, Charlotte, NC 28215, USA

About the event

The spiritual awakening process is in full force and each of us is experiencing an internal shift that can feel overwhelming at times as our denser programming is being brought to the light to be transformed.  

To support the community through this process, we are offering a full day of transformational activities to meet you where you are and help you move through your process with more grace and ease.

Each of these modalities will meet you at every level - mind, body and Spirit - and to go deeper into body detoxification and cleansing, Kambo medicine will support that.  To access cosmic and spiritual frequencies and to connect more deeply to your own personal narrative and receive guidance, meet with Ewanna.  To shift limiting beliefs and programming that may be in the way of your best expression of life, Transpersonal Hypnosis will best support this process.

Event schedule:

11am - 6pm: private individual sessions offered with Ewanna and/or Robert 

1pm and 4pm: Small group Kambo ceremonies

6pm: Community Potluck 

7pm: Group Cosmic Shamanic Sound Healing

Descriptions below:

Saturday, April 23, we are offering two 1.5 hour KamboLuz ceremonies:

1pm  and 4pm


KamboLuz is a sacred energetic space created by Michael Mendez to assist people in their personal, psychological, physical, and emotional healing. With the spirit of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor famously known as the Kambo frog. The importance of having this space is to allow us to connect clearly and fully with the frog without any external disturbances. It provides protection for those that are taking Kambo or for those that are facilitating by holding space for the participant.

Michael has been certified with the IAKP as a Kambo practitioner in August of  2017. He is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist and has his practice in the Charlotte University area. He has been licensed for more than 10 years, and for the past 5 years, he has been teaching Anatomy and Physiology to massage students. During this time he has assisted many individuals from all over the east coast with Kambo. 

(To learn more about this powerful healing medicine and register for your space in one of the two ceremony groups contact Michael directly at

Ewanna Voicu will offer individual private sessions 11am to 6pm

Cosmic Shamanism and Soul Readings with Ewanna


-  deep healing or combined medicine & reading: 90 min = $160

-  medicine or reading: 60 min = $120; 45 min = $90

-  quick reading: 20 min for $40

***To schedule, text “Private session” followed by your name at (704) 681 – 2489, and Ewanna will reach back out to you.

A medicine session focuses on wellness and Soul wholeness by restoring and balancing your life energy within your human body and throughout all your relations, physical and spiritual, seen and unseen. It may address issues manifested at the physical or emotional levels yet it spans all levels of your being through multiple dimensions of time and space. It may use direct energy healing, channeled light and sound, light language, karmic work, clearings, retrievals, activations, sometimes with direct participation of Spirit Beings based on your Soul Ancestral and Cosmic connections. The benefits of the shamanic healing are felt immediately, yet the medicine keeps working long after that.

A reading session focuses on information, understanding, and spiritual guidance and uses empathic Soul connection, and channeled Cosmic or Ancestral knowledge and wisdom. It taps into the deepest places of your being and into all relations. Information and messages often come in metaphors, visuals, or specific phrases conveyed in a way they can be received the best. Sometimes Activations, Light Language, Divine Love, or messages from the departed may come in, as needed. Oracle cards may be used for clarity, deeper understanding, confirmations, or visual elements. It is best to have a clear, yet open intention for your reading, without specific expectations.

Ewanna is an Awakened Shaman, Empath, Sound and Light Alchemist, Healer, and Visionary. She has been described as a "living Ayahuasca," traveling through multiple dimensions to facilitate deep Soul healing as guided by Spirit. She has a complex understanding of the interconnectedness between science and Spirit, coming from her background in education and practice in medicine and psychology, contemporary and ancient arts. Her wisdom combines knowledge from her studies, direct human and spiritual experience, many lifetime remembrances, and reactivated gifts and abilities through her Shamanic and Kundalini awakening.

Robert Brewer will offer 1-hour private Transpersonal Hypnosis sessions 11am to 6pm for a suggested love donation of $25 to benefit Campo de Medicina

Robert has recently received training in Transpersonal Hypnosis and is offering these sessions as a benefit to our Sacred Roots community.  His personal meditation practice has given him the remarkable ability to move into deep Alpha and Theta brainwave states and to help support others in reaching these states themselves through his verbal guidance and energetic presence.  In these sessions, he will help you explore your personal intentions for shifting limiting beliefs and programming and support you in developing and accepting more adaptive beliefs through the hypnosis process.  This will support you in making more conscious choices for the highest good in your everyday life rather than allowing subconscious mental/emotional patterning rule your life experience.

At 6pm we will have a Community Potluck to share and socialize, please bring something to share and then join us for:

Group Sound Healing Experience 7pm - space is limited - THIS IS NOT YOUR EVERYDAY SOUND MEDITATION, this is deep shamanic work that allows for transformational healing on every level.

RSVP as soon as you feel called to the group experience at

1.5 hours $40

Sound to Soul: a shamanic sound immersion with Ewanna

Experience the medicine of sound and shamanic journeying with Ewanna, awakened shaman, mind-body therapy practitioner, energy and sound healer. Ewanna uses the power of her voice and various percussion and vibrational instruments as healing tools for the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. She channels ancestral frequencies and cosmic beings through chanting, Language of Light, and the sound of universal love. The frequencies of her voice pierce the veil through multiple dimensions, acting as a catalyst within the subconscious mind, facilitating dream-like states, carrying many participants through shamanic journeys, similar to Ayahuasca medicine. These journeys are opportunities for healing, ways to access deeply buried aspects or parts of oneself, offering an out of ordinary space for exploration, self-discovery, understanding, reconnection, reconciliation and integration of lost parts of the Soul, exiles, or shadow aspects. A shamanic sound journey with Ewanna opens portals and doors into different realms, where transmutation, transformation, and deep healing can happen. Ewanna creates a safe space, guarded by many Spirit Beings of Ancestral and Cosmic origin, and each journey ends with unconditional love poured down from the Primordial Mother of Light.

Sacred Roots Spiritual Community offers volunteer opportunities for energetic exchange for those who are called to our events who need to exchange in ways other than money exchange. Please text Bodhi at 304-840-2500 to make arrangements if you are interested in this option.

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