What working with Bodhi has done for people...

"...With Bodhi, I felt fully seen as my powerful, beautiful self.  We had a very empowering conversation after which I decided to stop following the dictatorship of an employer and start on my own.  It's been an amazing experience since.

-Bodhi John Patrick Rooney

Tantric Instructor

San Marcos, Guatemala

Bodhi has helped me immensely in my spiritual and personal growth.  She created a safe space for me to share in, and with simple prompting, she would help me come to my own conclusions and solutions.  Bodhi is a highly skilled and experienced healer.

-Sierra Rose Buckley

Yoga Instructor


"Working with Bodhi was a pleasure.  She had an innate way of making me feel totally at ease, triggering forgotten memories [through inquiry], and connecting the dots between those memories and my current behaviors and beliefs.  I had a million take- aways from my experience with her, but one of the greatest is that my "dark parts" need not be changed - but should be loved.  It is all a part of the human experience.  Everything is a part of the human experience that we have chosen.  So just be compassionate with yourself and let that compassion extend to others."

-Teresa Svienson


"I was able to work with Bodhi when she was Spiritual Spaceholder at the Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala.  Her honesty, openness, transparency and sense of seeking inspired all around her to do the same.  She set the stage to grow and explore & I learned so much from her."

-Kelly Williams



If it wasn't for you (Bodhi), I would never have found my love for yoga.  Thank you for your patience, unconditional love and for providing me the space & guidance to find a deep personal connection with myself and my body.

-Monica Hickey

fitness and nutrition expert,

Louisa, KY

What people are saying about their experience in Cacao Ceremony:

"For me it was leaning into ease and expansion for a clearer view of ourselves and the circumstances of our life..."

"It helped us with transitioning into courage to help us speak our Truth to others..."

"...I loved sharing personal reflections as they are brought to mind and heart by the power of cacao..."

"It was like gently removing the veils that cloud our clearest path to heart-opening and thus living our most authentic lives..."

Truthfully I can not speak highly enough about my experience with Bodhi.  I was facing some pretty fierce internal challenges & I was dwelling in confusion and uncertainty.  Bodhi was so relateable, understanding, safe, insightful and clever.  We not only sorted out the challenges I brought forth, but she helped me to engage at an even deeper level where I saw some shadows lurking for the first time.  Because of our time together, I feel that I have more sureness in my path, greater clarity about where my energy wants to go, and deeper insights into the nature of my own being & the patterns I'm living out.

-Mike Mantel

Intimacy Coach

Seattle, WA

A weekly practice of Restorative and Yoga Nidra with Bodhi Deva Ma has offered me healing of mind, body, and soul. From the first evening I participated, I noticed an improvement in my energy level, flexibility, and breathing, not to mention a clarity of thought and an infusion of inner peace and joy. Little did I realize that this was just the beginning of a practice that would transform my life of chronic pain, depression, mental fogginess, and spiritual disquiet. Within two months, my depression of fifteen years vanished, replaced by a level of happiness and calm I recognized as my formerly unimpeded true nature. A month later, I realized my ability to concentrate and think clearly was returning, which greatly benefited my reading, writing, and editing. Gratitude led me to volunteer at the yoga studio. Yoga Nidra further helped me to begin to see and accept myself for who I am and give myself the same respect and unconditional love I give my treasured friends. Around month five, I learned to release the chronic pain of degenerative disk disease and spinal stenosis, allowing me to start weaning off of the addictive muscle relaxer and potent pain medication. I'm currently in the final stages of this normally extremely difficult process, which has further increased my thinking capacity and focus. Finally, this Restorative and Yoga Nidra practice with Bodhi, a highly intuitive and compassionate guide and healer, has fostered my spiritual growth by helping me to replace a self-imposed blind fumbling with an awaking spirit, my fear of the future with the faith of an open heart. I have a long way to go on my path, and I can hardly wait to see where all it leads.

-Beth Cagle

Charlotte, NC

Bodhi is fabulous! Had such a healing and connective reiki session with her, and have had several chats where I felt so seen, heard and supported. She can truly hold such comforting presence. Highly recommend spending time with this lovely human!


Charlotte, NC

Bodhi Deva Ma's listening and affirmation brought out my life's passion. I now confidently know my truth and am teach 100's of people about holistic wellbeing. Thanks Bodhi Deva Ma for bringing new my light out!

- Kevin James Karas


Always be a student. In light of trying to learn new things this year, do things that are uncomfortable for me and learn more about myself, I started a 6 week Reiki / self healing / protect yourself from negative energy class.

I went in open minded yet cautious. Over the past couple years I have been more open to the law of attraction and vibration energy that was once way to "woo woo" for me. So hesitantly yet intrigued i began this class a few weeks ago.

Tonight I felt really connected.. We did a really great exercise cleansing our Chakras with crystals and practicing Reiki. Before the class we did a Cacao Ceramony for Spring Equinox .I don't understand it all yet but I know I left the class feeling really amazing and with more clarity and confidence to speak my truth.

I encourage everyone to try something new, something that may seem totally bazaar to you, never stop being a student.

Amanda - Mooresville, NC

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