Ceremonial Cacao

Each Cacao Ceremony is a sacred container for the Spirit of the Cacao & the spirit of each participant to co-create deep healing and increase awareness. The topic or theme of the Ceremony is intuited a day or so before the ceremony and is based on the energies of the group that forms.


It is a magical experience of divine intervention by the Cacao Spirit.

Because of this, each ceremony is different.

The activity and interaction is completely guided by the group dynamic.

Ceremony may include light movement, group and paired interactions, sound & music,

energy healing and emotional processing.

Participants have expressed amazement at the healing and transformational experiences

that they have gained in working with this sacred plant medicine.

Sacred Chocolate is gentle yet powerful.


What to expect in a Cacao Ceremony:
After a brief introduction, you will be offered a cacao beverage made

simply from 100% pure cacao and hot water.

You may add sweetener or spices at your discretion.

You will join the group and say intentions & prayers of gratitude and then drink the Cacao together.

There will typically be a teaching offered on a spiritual / personal development topic followed by a guided relaxation and meditation.

People have expressed that they begin to feel the subtle heart opening effects

of the Cacao within about 20 minutes.

Through gentle movement, sound, breathwork, inner meditation/reflection and group processing,

we explore our inner reality and invite greater personal clarity and healing to occur.

We finish with self-determined sharing and prayers of gratitude - dedicating the benefits of our healing work to the benefit of all beings.

Important information concerning when you should use caution in taking Cacao

If you are taking any anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, or anti-psychotic drugs that contain SSRI

(selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors) or any drug or supplement that may interact

with MAOI (Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors),

please limit your consumption of Cacao to a half dose (half of 1.4 oz ceremonial dose) or less.

Cacao has natural MAOI action that may cause negative side effects in interaction with these drugs.

If you have heart problems/conditions, Cacao may exacerbate these.

If you are sensitive to Caffeine, be cautious.

To Prepare for the Ceremony:

Please have a light breakfast or fast before the the ceremony in order to experience the full effect.

No meat or difficult to digest foods, as it will buffer the experience.

Avoid alcohol or psychoactive drugs for 24 hours before and after a ceremony.
Wear comfortable clothes in layers, as we will be up and down on the floor and doing light yoga stretches and chi gong movements
Bring a yoga mat, water, journal and pen

After the Ceremony:

Please make sure to schedule time for self care after the ceremony. 

This can be very deep healing work and you may feel open and sensitive to strong experiences directly afterward. 

For example, it may be difficult to go to a loud gathering with many people or to watch a movie with lots of suspense, etc.

Drink LOTS of water as Cacao is a natural detoxifier and can be dehydrating.

It is advisable to take a warm epsom salt bath and take time to journal and reflect on your experience after a ceremony.

Group Cacao Ceremonies are held each month

Sacred Cacao Ceremony is 3 hours and incorporates guided emotional processing & energy healing at

Sacred Roots Spiritual Community in Mint Hill /Charlotte, NC

Cacao Ceremony and Sound Healing Inner Journey is offered regularly in collaboration with Austin Shook or Ioana Voicu

at The Yoga Cove in Concord and at Sacred Roots Spiritual Community in Charlotte, NC

You can order a 1 lb. block of Keith's Cacao

for $50 plus shipping for personal use

You may schedule a private Cacao Ceremony at your home or venue. 

Cacao Ceremony is a unique offering for life transitions such as birthday, showers, coming of age, etc.

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