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Hypnotherapy Counseling


About Robert Brewer

Robert is certified in Transpersonal Hypnosis and is offering sessions to benefit the Sacred Roots community.


His personal, daily breathwork and meditation practice has given him the remarkable ability to move into deep Alpha and Theta brainwave states and to help support others in reaching these states themselves through his verbal guidance and energetic presence.


In these sessions, he will help you explore your personal intentions for shifting limiting beliefs and programming and support you in developing and accepting more adaptive beliefs through the hypnosis process.


This process will support you in making more conscious choices for the highest good in your everyday life rather than allowing subconscious mental/emotional patterning to rule your life experience.


Robert is an Army veteran, accomplished martial artist, and past CrossFit and weightlifting competitor and uses his training better to understand Ki/Chi energy conservation and usage. Robert is also developing his skills in off-grid systems, including rainwater collection/harvesting, water filtration, off-grid solar power, and solar-powered irrigation systems.


Robert has a heart for men, the community, and helping others learn more about divine masculinity and what it means to be a man in today's culture. Iron sharpens iron; in today's world, men need each other to help balance each other in all aspects of life.

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